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GOALS: What Will 2021 Bring?

The big question is, what are my 2021 goals? With 2020 firmly behind us, and the year that brought me two wonderful run streaks, one stopped by isolation and one stopped by contacting COVID-19.

TED TALKS: Mental Health

I love TED talks and wanted to share with you some of my top picks on various subjects, here are three on Mental Health I found extremely beneficial.

2019 Goals: Idiot Mode vs. Safe Mode

2018 was supposed to be the year of all the goals, and going full on idiot mode to get them. If you don’t know what…

Transformation Level Two: Week One Recap

Week one is done, and as part of this process, I am going to be looking back over each week to see how I got on. It isn’t a surprise to say that the first week wasn’t smooth sailing and didn’t go to plan.

The Crossfit Open: A Beginners Journey into the Unknown 18.5

The Crossfit Open has been an absolute blast so far, and when it came to the final announcement Dave Castro decided to mix things up…

The Crossfit Open: A Beginners Journey into the Unknown 18.4

Coming up to week four of the Crossfit Open 2018 and I was pretty happy with my performance all things considered! Although I hadn’t completed…

The Crossfit Open: A Beginners Journey into the Unknown 18.3

Here we are, somehow we are on week three of the Crossfit Open 2018, I have tackled 18.1 scaled and pushed hard to Rx 18.2.…

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