2019 Goals: Idiot Mode vs. Safe Mode

2018 was supposed to be the year of all the goals, and going full on idiot mode to get them. If you don’t know what idiot mode is, let me explain it to you…basically you say yes to everything, you run when you most certainly shouldn’t and you enter challenges way above your ability.

This is very fun when it works I assure you, but also it is a real pain when it doesn’t work. I entered far too many races in preparation for 2018 without even knowing my work diary let alone anything else, this lead to a huge amount of DNS (Did Not Start) results.

Idiot mode can also be classed as going out on a massive drinking day four weeks before the London Marathon, ending the night with a grade two ligament tear on my ankle. And still running it…

Running the 2016 Disney Runs Half Marathon in Florida

With 2018 coming to an end and 2019 just around the corner it is time to start planning and workout what I am going to aim for. I am taking a much more measured approach, where I set three tiers of goals. Similar to in a race, I will have Gold, Silver and Bronze goals…this will mean I can aim very high for those Gold goals where they are achievable (just) but if I land a bronze goal I won’t be inconsolable and bin off my training. Which I am sure you can all relate to, when one goal slips your motivation can waver and it all starts to go off track.

With this in mind here are my goals for the year ahead



  • 1000 miles in 2019
  • Complete All Three Man Vs Events
  • Complete Endurance Spartan Trifecta and a Standard Spartan Trifecta
  • Run Three Marathons
  • Run an Ultra


  • MILE = Sub 5:30
  • 5k sub = Sub 19 minutes
  • 10k = Sub 40 minutes
  • Half Marathon = Sub 1hr 35
  • Full Marathon = Sub 3hr 15
Spartan Race 2017



  • Run 750 miles in 2019
  • Complete TWO Man Vs Events
  • Complete Two Standard Spartan Trifectas
  • Run Two Marathons


  • MILE = Sub 5:45
  • 5k = Sub 20 minutes
  • 10k = Sub 42 minutes
  • Half Marathon = Sub 1hr 38
  • Full Marathon = Sub 3hr 30
Loch Ness Marathon 2016



  • Run 500 miles 2019
  • Complete ONE Man Vs Event
  • Complete ONE standard Spartan Trifecta
  • Complete ONE Marathon


  • MILE = Sub 6 minutes
  • 5k = Sub 22 minutes
  • 10k = Sub 45 minutes
  • Half Marathon = Sub 1hr 40
  • Full Marathon = Sub 4hr
London Marathon 2016



There had to be a few idiot mode goals in here right? Otherwise it wouldn’t be me…

  • Take part in 100 Races within the year
  • Complete 2019 Miles in 2019
  • Run Four Marathons in 2019
Competing in the Crossfit Open 2018


These are the ideas that I am toying with completing but have zero commitment to doing it, quite simply I think it would be cool to get it done!

  • Complete Rat Race Adventure Challenge
  • Complete an open water swim
  • Complete the London Classics
  • 1000 reps a month of 12 different movements
  • Complete a duathlon
  • Complete a triathlon
  • Run one lap of Isle of Man in tribute to pops
  • Take part in Cross Country Races


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