2024 Race Calendar

With 2024 well underway and my goal to continue running 5km minimum every day through 2024, making it two years of running daily. My race…

As we all know I'm a sucker for signing up to events and love the atmosphere of an organised event, so let's see how many I can sign up to this year. I will be updating this calendar throughout the year with my times and a link to race recaps.

RACE NEWS: London Landmarks Half Marathon Ballot Now Open

Our favourite half marathon is the London Landmarks Half Marathon, and the ballot for 2025 is open NOW, you have until noon on June 25th to sign up

Event Preview: London Supertri E World Triathlon Championships

The London Aquatics Centre has seen some incredible events since the Olympics back in 2012, the whole reason the venue was built. On April 13th…

The London Aquatics Centre is about to have the roof blown off this April, with the action packed Supertri E World Triathlon taking over the venue on April 13th.

Race Preview: World United 5k

World United 5k is a free race, taking part virtually around the world on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th April 2024, check out this detailed race preview.

Kasms Promo Shoot

Through my work with Redbull Bedroom Jam, I met Rory Bratwell from Test Icicles who just so happened to be forming a new band Kasms,…

RACE PREVIEW: Dry January 10k 2024

It has been four years now since I have touched a drop of alcohol and it has been the best decision I ever made, quite…