Transformation Level Two: Week One Recap

Week one is done, and as part of this process, I am going to be looking back over each week to see how I got on. It isn’t a surprise to say that the first week wasn’t smooth sailing and didn’t go to plan. I am posting my plan for the week on Instagram so it pushes me to be more accountable and gives insight into how I’m planning to lose weight, shape up and get better at running. All with the goal of owning my 2019 and being a better version of me.

Monday – Crossfit

The plan was very optimistic, returning to my previous weekly routine with one big week. But go HARD or go HOME right? Well, Monday morning crept around and I most definitely stayed home. I haven’t been to Crossfit for a very long time now. With my hours at work changing, it meant I couldn’t go in the morning. Which is a problem as  I am much more of a morning workout kinda guy. Getting it done before your brain wakes up to stop you. 

My issue with Crossfit and why I didn’t end up going was, I feel like my fitness has slipped enough that I’m almost back at the start again. I don’t know if I can pull off the movements again, and I don’t know if I could get it done without looking stupid and embarrassing myself. Also, I felt like I didn’t know my base fitness level, and finding it out during a Crossfit WOD is not the ideal place to do it. This meant that my grand plan was a failure from the start, but I was determined to still nail it and pushed hard with my diet and my other goals. Finishing the day on a high of productivity and smashing my to-do list kept me motivated.

Tuesday – 5k Run

I got it done, nothing special or memorable other than the fact I really bloody enjoyed it!

Wednesday – Crossfit & 5k Run

Waking up nice and early to get out the door for Crossfit, my second attempt to head to Huntsman and my second failure. I simply can’t cope with the idea of being absolutely shit at it and feeling like I’ve let myself go so far. I have never been amazing at Crossfit but I’d mastered some of the technique and could fumble my way through most WODs. 

This meant I had to adapt my plan, so I sat down on my laptop and got route planning on Garmin Connect with the goal of running 10k minimum. Which is twice the planned distance, it worked and I felt AMAZING after a tough run where I explored the local area and got lost predictably.

Thursday – Rest Day

The one day it went exactly to plan! I did nothing apart from work all day and chill out with George.

Friday – Date Night

Now, this day was well and truly nailed, as we headed to Brixton Academy to watch Deaf Havana, a great night was had! Read more about it here…

Saturday – 5k Run

This run was well and truly sacked off, after the epic night that was Deaf Havana. Where I had indulged in some alcohol consumption I simply couldn’t fathom heading out for a 5k. Instead, we went car shopping, and then picked up the Princess for an adventure to the Tower of London with my nephew. The night peaked with some ice skating in the moat of the Tower, an experience for sure and unforgettable.


The first week of my transformation wasn’t ideal but it was a great base for weeks to come, I need to find confidence in myself and my fitness to get me back to Crossfit. Keep working on my diet and routines, and be more productive with my spare time. 


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