LIVE MUSIC: Deaf Havana @ Brixton Academy, London

Deaf Havana has existed as a band for well over ten years now, and if you play each album back to back you will see that they have evolved and grown as a band massively over that time. with their sound constantly evolving.

With current album Rituals and latest single Cr33pin, they have landed a polished mainstream sound which is sure to rocket them to huge things and bigger venues than on this current tour. Tonight’s show isn’t quite sold out but the 4,921 capacity is packed and the atmosphere is tingling with excitement, for what is about to take place. 

First up we saw IDKHOW, a buzz band of the scene at the moment, a two-piece consisting of lead vocalist and bassist Dallon Weekes (formerly of Panic! at the Disco) and drummer Ryan Seaman (formerly of Falling in Reverse). Considering the vast size of the venue and the stage, they manage to fill both with their captivating performance, and there are more than a few IDKHOW fans in the crowd, with a large number of ladies screaming at Dallon between songs and throwing flowers at him after their set. The highlight of which has to be the humourous Nobody likes the Opening Band, although they were not the opening act of tonight…that would be Stereo Honey.

Now it is for Deaf Havana to own the stage and show just how much they have honed their art and developed from a band struggling with making it in a ridiculously competitve environment which has seen many of their peers give up the fight and split their bands. 

When a band changes their sound there is always a risk that they will be called sellouts especially if they go more mainstream, and dare I say it pop. This is exactly what Deaf Havana have done, but it doesn’t feel like selling out, it feels like the right thing and definitely at the right time.

As they come on stage and plough straight into songs from the new, pop album Rituals the crowd are most certainly into it and so am I. Thanks to finding an amazing lady and love I have developed from a foot tapper to a full-on dancer at gigs and both me and George definitely get our groove on. It is also clear to see that it isn’t just us enjoying it, as the smiles on the band’s faces are visible. With singer James Veck-Gilodi showing his appreciation all night, this is obviously a dream come true for them.

Their set is littered with songs new and old that keep fans new and old on their feet, and I definitely had no point where I felt like the gig felt tired. It is a stark reminder that Deaf Havana write bangers with epic choruses, perfect for singalongs and carrying you through the music. 

There was, of course, the classic rouse of walking off stage to make you think they are done for the night, but no they head back out to smash a few more tracks and finish on the highest of highs. With an emotional, raw and energetic performance of Hunstanton Pier. What a memorable night for all, it is one that won’t be forgotten in a long time.

Deaf Havana Setlist O2 Academy Brixton, London, England 2018


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