RACE PREVIEW: Hackney Half Marathon 2020

This years Hackney Half Marathon will take place on May 17th, and I for one can’t wait… I’ve ran the event previously and even when I pushed through injury to complete the race, which was my toughest half by far I still had a wonderful day, the atmosphere is second to none with the vibe that surrounds the event all about community and having a good time.

The crowd support is similar to that of London Marathon, with local residents on hand to cheer you on, offer you fruit, sweets and bucket loads of support. Even when you feel like you can’t go on, someone or something will spur you on, driving you forward.

Looking back at the last time I ran it back in 2018, I was still recovering from a grade two ankle tear and probably shouldn’t have been running a half marathon. But I knew that it isn’t one to be missed out if you can avoid it, so jumped on the struggle bus and got my way around the course. With my wonderful mother cheering on the sideline with my daughter, I spent the whole race deep in the pain cave, carried around by the support of the crowd, the music and entertainment around the course and the knowledge that I would be seeing my daughter and making her proud.

I’d asked my mother to be near the finish straight so I could see my daughter before crossing the line, I didn’t expect her to be so far from the finish but as I saw them both the emotions rushed through, I had to stop and embrace them..it made the suffer worth it. I made the decision to raise my daughter high onto my shoulders and finish the race together, I will never forget the crowds reaction as they cheered her on as well as me. She raised her ‘champion arms’ as we call them and laughed with joy as we crossed the line. It really did fill my heart with love and joy.

This years Hackney Half is once again part of a wider Virgin Sport Hackney Fitness Festival, the UKs largest outdoor fitness festival. Hosting the Half Marathon obviously, as well as the free Community 5k event, a schools challenge and a market on the marshes. With much more to be announced it really is a day out not just a race…

The half marathon route can be seen below…

I’m really looking forward to running this years race, I’m going to be tackling it as part of my year of running fast, well fast for me…but you know what I mean. This is the year to set times I will be proud of for the rest of my life, then I can start to relax a bit more. I’m really keen to see how much more the atmosphere and crowd can help push me to achieve that time, will you be there? Tickets are on Sale Now at £54, which might seem pricey but when you think it includes free race photos, a bloody expensive add on normally as well as a technical NIKE finisher’s tee, and swag bag, it isn’t that steep, if you can fancy joining me tickets can be picked up right here…


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