ASICS Frontrunner – Why I Won’t Be Applying

The ASICS Frontrunner crew are a bunch of outstanding people who do great things within the community and work as a community itself, they share knowledge, blog posts, offer support all whilst achieving fantastic goals themselves.

The application process for applying to be one of the Frontrunner squad opened yesterday, and I’ve been asked if I’m applying, which I am not… and this is why.

I don’t believe that you should apply to become a Frontrunner if you are only interested in what you can get from it, and people have many things they want from it…

  • Instagram followers
  • Free kit
  • Get attention and to feel accepted as a runner
  • Free entry to races
  • Free trips and meet-ups

I don’t really care for the above, followers are nice and of course getting free kit and a bit of attention is a bonus. But at what cost?

I don’t run in ASICS and never have, I bought an ASICS jacket last week simply because it looked great and was ridiculously cheap in the Wembley Outlet store, seriously if you haven’t been then head over it is worth a look.

I have a job that requires a lot of effort and involves shift work, working weekends and sometimes up to 12hr days, I have a beautiful girlfriend who I love spending time with and a daughter that stays with me twice a week, who is my absolute world and we regularly take on adventures. This all means that my time is limited, this is probably the biggest reason for me not applying, I feel like you should only really apply if you feel you have something to give, time to dedicate and do it justice.

If not then surely you are robbing someone of the opportunity to really flourish and do it properly, someone who has been into the brand for a long time and already has a natural relationship with them? If you’ve never been into the brand but are jumping on the Frontrunner bandwagon then surely that just makes you a freeloader, an attention seeker and downright selfish. Not trying to offend just my opinion, hopefully, their selection process will weed out those people anyway.

The essence of the FrontRunner campaign is to create a great movement and community, which I agree with but by becoming a FrontRunner you also agree to become a walking advert for the brand, which even though there are perks it isn’t a paid job. That, I’m not so sure about. You have to always be “on brand” and represent them in your daily life, making sure to not wear any other kit when posting etc. Something I’m not so keen on, I like my freedom.

All in all it isn’t a bad thing being a FrontRunner and it has done great things for some truly wonderful people, I just don’t think I could offer half of what many more deserving people can, and also don’t want or need anything that comes with it. My life outside of running is absolutely brimming and I want to focus on that.

If you do plan on applying you can do so here…


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  1. Dan Lewis
    February 15, 2019 / 9:53 pm

    Great read Ian,

    I hope a lot of people have these types of things in mind before they apply. Always good to have a personal pros and cons list to make sure that it’s right for them.
    A lot of good work is done by the FrontRunner team like you’ve said and it would be unfair to take a space of a more deserving and committed applicant just for a pair of trainers!

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