LIVE MUSIC: Fall Out Boy @ The O2, London

Who doesn’t love Fall Out Boy right? Being at the forefront of the EMO craze since the release of From Under the Cork Tree back in May 2005, they have managed to capture the attention of a generation. This is made evident as the O2 crowd is made up of a mixed bag age-wise and style wise with teenagers, adults, dirty thirties, punks, emos, rockers and more…

Today had been one of those days where it was all go, and time wasn’t on my side. Arriving at The O2 for my first standing gig there and getting there later than usual, I was due to head to entrance E, but due to building works there wasn’t really any way to get to entrance E, apart from wandering around until you saw one of those people dressed like Pac-Man, yep the wonderful security.

Finally walking up to a PAC-woman, she yelped “Entrance E” like a high-pitched robot, what a treat! Due to being late there was thankfully no queue, as our tickets were scanned and exchanged for wristbands we asked if we could keep the stub for sentimental memories but nope, apparently, this is what the future is, a life full of throwaway moments in time. As we headed to the arena floor with our standard neon orange wristbands, we managed to catch the tail end of Against The Currents set, frontwoman Chrissy Costanza has an amazing voice and as she sung out the last song she did some Matrix inspired backwards bending moves, all whilst holding her notes, is she another robot? Is this the future!

In between sets we took the opportunity to rinse our bank balances with two drinks for £12, empty our bladders and look at Fall Out Boys poorly designed merch, I feel like the bigger the band gets the less effort that goes into merch designs, case in point below…

Weaving through the crowd to find a good spot to stand without going too far forward due to having my ankle injury we settle into a perfect spot just on time for the Chicago quartet to come charging out with stand out track The Phoenix from 2013 album Save Rock and Roll. predictably the crowd instantly changes into their dancing shoes and the seated section rises to their feet, there is some questionable dancing taking place including my own.

Now I’ve never been one for dancing at shows due to feeling like a bit of an idiot but recently having a new lease for life means I’m doing things I would never have done before. Thanks to being old enough to remember when Fall Out Boy first came onto the scene and being a long time fan I know far too many of the words, which meant I could do a very quiet sing along to the show, much to Georges amusement, especially when it came to hearing Sugar, We’re Goin Down, from their debut album which holds a special place in my heart. I think I might even have a signed copy somewhere, proper fan boy back then….

With bands like Fall Out Boy we have the advantage of their set list being littered with hit after hit, also with front man Patrick Stump you know his voice is going to sound impeccable live, as it does this evening. Now we are quite a way back in the crowd but still have a great vantage point, especially when they rise from the back of the crowd onto a platform and get raised mid way to the ceiling of the vast O2, treating us to a closer performance of track Dance, Dance.

After that it was back to the main stage to continue with the hit parade keeping both of us dancing, singing and smiling widely. With the odd dash to the bar for some mega two-pint drinks, two pints one cup…what more could you ask for? Well a four-song encore is always nice!


Fall Out Boy Setlist The O2 Arena, London, England 2018, The M A N I A Tour



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