UFC Fight Night 127 – London

The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship rolled into London town, and brought their insane production and setup to The O2 London. Having watched most of the Ultimate Fighter TV series and sporadically watched many UFC Fight Nights over the last few years, I decided that when tickets went on sale for UFC Fight Night 127, I though I would try and get tickets. One of our aims for this year and beyond is to try and get as many new adventures completed as possible, life is for the living and I am going to live it.

After some stressful moments of pre-sale passwords not working I managed to pick up tickets, not as close as I would have liked but tickets all the same. Now I am not a big enough UFC fan to be able to recap the night, so I thought I would offer you the five things I learnt from the event from the point of a part-time fan of UFC.

Five Things I Learnt at UFC127

1 – At points during the event it felt almost like an ASSHOLE convention, for so many reasons. There were people so drunk that they didn’t know what was going on and it felt like the only fight they would remember from the night was the one they were probably going to get in for behaving like a dick.

2 – UFC fighters may be tough and can kick serious ASS, but some of them have the worst names ever, it just doesn’t feel right when the great Bruce Banner announces that the fighter stepping into the Octagon is called ‘Hot Chocolate’, or that the fighter that just got his ass handed to him on a plate is called the ‘Welsh Wrecking Machine’. Maybe take some more time coming up with names that won’t make you a laughing stock…

3 – Being high up in the nose bleed seats at The O2, you don’t hear the punches connect so much and you obviously don’t hear much of the action compared to watching it close up or indeed on the TV, but what you do hear is a thunderous boom as someone gets knocked onto the canvas, the boom reverbs around the stadium, so when someone gets knocked down like Werdum below you can definitely hear it…

4 – The Ric Flair “WOOO” chant is a thing, and it is an annoying thing that takes away from the experience for everyone else, having done some research it is clear that it has been a thing for a while and nobody knows why, but everybody knows how annoying it is. Simply shut the hell up and enjoy the fight you damn fool!

5 – Bruce Buffer, UFC announcer extraordinaire is actually the brother of the famous fight announcer Michael Buffer, who many of you will recognise from the boxing ring, check out their unique story below…


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