REVIEW: Notorious

The Notorious Conor McGregor, some absolutely love him and of course due to his abrasive personality at times there are plenty of haters out there. But what nobody can deny is that the charismatic Irishman has grabbed the attention of fight fans and beyond. This documentary aims to show you his rise from self-employed plumber in Ireland chased by debt collectors all the way to Las Vegas Mansion dwelling UFC champion.

Now you may not agree but I think the Notorious McGregor is motivational, and his drive to take on challenges and his relentless approach to victory is second to none. Never settling for simply being UFC Champion in one weight division, not settling for UFC and chasing other dreams in the world of boxing. I mean a man who does all that is hungry for something right….

Don’t get me wrong Notorious is no warts and all documentary and shows a very glossy side to McGregor, bar minor insights into debt, injury and living with his mum before joining the UFC it is all glitz and glamour. What it does highlight is his drive for a better life, wanted to be the big roller and have that luxurious experience missing back home in Ireland.

You don’t get to see what really makes the man, what drives him truly and where does the fight come from. In earlier interviews Conor touches on being bullied as a kid yet there is no mention of this in Notorious, you get less in-depth interviews and more ad hoc footage of his day-to-day life, the run up to fights with  Aldo and Nate Diaz as well as a snippet from the promo tour for the Mayweather fight. Which sadly this documentary stops short at.

I find McGregor such an interesting character and really want to know more about him, if you are like me then Notorious isn’t for you. If you have time to kill and want to watch something in the background by all means stick this on.



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