Hogwarts Running Club – Platform 9¾ Year Three

Now I am as far from being a Harry Potter fan as humanly possible, but I am a good friend…and when my good friend suggested taking part in the virtual run ‘Platform 9¾ Year Three’ organised by Hogwarts Running Club, how could I refuse? His request was to figure out a route that was 9¾ km and ended in Kings Cross station at platform 9 ¾, with the help of Map My Run I figured out a route that was kinda spot on.

Heading up on the tube we discussed the route and the plan, it all sounded spot on. Starting from the brand new Nike store, we made our last-minute preparations and set our watches to seek GPS signal, and waited…and waited….and waited! This was a far from ideal start, knocking the mental preparation, as we finally found signal we headed out on a nice run along Regents Canal alongside London Zoo and into Regents Park, taking in the sights of the Inner Circle and running the gauntlet by getting slightly too close to resting Geese and Swans, they are angry birds for sure. Heading back down to canal we realised that we hadn’t exactly run our planned route and were going to come up a bit short so as we headed into the new development right near the station we threw in a short lap to get in the required distance, as we ran into Kings Cross a euphoric sensation came over me, even though I’m not a fan finishing the run at the actual platform 9 ¾, having run with my good friend who is really into Harry Potter made it all worth it and very special.

Queuing up for a picture we got a lot of looks and once we explained what we had just completed everyone thought it was a really cool and neat idea, executed almost perfectly. This was my first virtual run and I doubt it would be my last, had an absolute blast and went home full of pride. There are plenty more Harry Potter themed runs over at Hogwarts Running Club, if you are a fan of the films or books you should definitely check them out, maybe even run one with me….

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