SPARTAN RACE: 2018 Season


The Spartan Race UK 2018 season is kicking off in April, and the biggest year for Spartan UK including their Irish debut in Dublin is fast approaching. With that in mind the boss of Spartan UK is laying down the gauntlet and challenging “couch potatoes” in the South-east to take part in one of the first races, with the choice of the shorter Sprint or going for the middle distance of a Super.  The Spartan community is forever expanding and last year alone, more than a million people in over 30 countries ran a Spartan Race, many of whom use Spartan as a catalyst for dramatic weight loss. I have personally found that knowing I have a race coming up keeps me on track and motivated to train, helping me in my transformation and loss of over 30kg in total. I am happy to say that I feel happy with my weight so the motivation is to train, be better and place higher. The UK general manager Sam Lansdale states “We have mums, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and many others taking part, who are maybe just looking for a new fitness challenge. The Spartan Sprint is an accessible challenge. Even if you are overweight or if you have never run before, it’s something that anyone can do.” , and I have to agree as with grit and determination almost ANYONE can complete the Sprint a least….


With 2018 being the year of ALL the goals, I knew I wanted to improve on my tally of Spartan Races completed. in 2017 I completed 8 Spartan Races and managed to complete Two Trifectas, my goal in 2018 is to complete EVERY UK Sprint, Super and Beast which will mean I will complete  only TWO Trifectas still! With a bit of planning I need to find a Beast to complete in Europe to make it THREE! Watch this space…

Anyone who wants to take part in a Spartan Race can expect to face 25ft cargo nets, a 10kg sand bag carry, and trying to get to the top of a 15ft rope climb. For a long time I struggle with the rope climb but thanks to some You Tube research I nailed to technique towards the end of last season. Crawl under barbed wire, carry car tires along a hilly course and finish up trying to make the perfect fire jump photo.

Spartan Race UK Boss Sam Lansdale & UK Race Director Karl Allsop landing the coveting fire jump shot
Spartan Race UK general manager  Sam Lansdale & UK Race Director Karl Allsop landing the coveting fire jump shot @Epic Action Imagery

With the single race costs mounting up I decided to make things a little cheaper, deciding to go for the Season Pass again this year, as I don’t fancy volunteering it seemed like the cheapest option. The total cost was £299 and that gets you:

  • Access to every Spartan Race in the UK calendar in 2018 (Excluding Endurance Events)
  • Entry into any one of our Open Heats (it costs £20 per race to upgrade to the Elite or Competitive Heats)
  • Reduced cost on multiple laps
  • Free Fastpass
  • VIP queuing

This Spartan Race season will be even more special for me as my beautiful daughter will turn Four in June meaning she will be old enough to complete her first ever Spartan Junior race, I’ve talked to her about the races for as long as she can understand and trust me when I say this, she is excited already!


If you fancy joining me and running a Spartan Race you can check out the dates and races I have book in the poster below, drop me an email or comment below and I can let you know start times and our special team name…


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