Quad Lock Case Gear Review

Being one of those people that can’t live without their phone at all times, I need a decent case so that I can take my phone safely and securely on my runs. Having previously picked up a run of the mill armband that is no different or better designed that the millions available on Amazon or Ebay I was constantly pushing and pulling the phone out of it before the start of races, partly down to nerves and boredom and also to make sure I had the right music to accompany me on the many miles ahead…often leaving it very late and having to try and get the phone back in whilst running over the start line.

The straw that broke the camels back was during Run Hackney where the velcro failed at mile eight and I had to endure five miles holding my phone in my hand which was far from ideal. As you can imagine the offending phone case didn’t make it to the finish line, swiftly being tossed mid stride to the nearest bin. It didn’t take long for the eureka moment of heading to the Quad Lock website as I had previously owned the case with the bike mount when I was a full time cycle commuter, I didn’t know they did running bands but headed there with hope in my heart and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed.

I picked up the Run Kit as well as a pack of  Wall Mounts, as I plan to track my weight loss with progress photos so figured that if I attach my phone with a wall mount it would ensure consistency with scale and perspective. Since running with the Quad Lock Run Kit I couldn’t be happier, the velcro sticks like glue, the arm band is so comfortable due to the fact that your phone isn’t pressed against your arm and most importantly attaching and detaching your phone is a dream thanks to the Quad Lock mount. This means mid run selfies, snap chat stories and playlist switch ups are now a possibility. If you haven’t got a Quad Lock case, get out there and pick one up trust me, you can thank me later……


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