LIVE MUSIC: Galantis @ Roundhouse, London

I was lucky enough to head to The Roundhouse, in Chalk Farm, London to catch Galantis live. I have been a fan for a while and ‘The Aviary’ was my go to album for when I needed to get a quick time in or even try for a PB when running a race.

Galantis Live in London ©Ian Arnold
Galantis Live in London performing at The Roundhouse! ©Ian Arnold

When I spotted a competition on Live Nation’s website over Christmas I entered straight away. I don’t win much in fact I don’t win anything… not even an argument haha. But alas things might be changed as I won the tickets. Fast forward two months and George and myself are scoffing down pizza and necking wine at La Porchetta opposite the venue before the show.

Having worked within the music industry before I knew full well what guest list nightmares could happen, and in the back of my mind I was pretty nervous that something would go wrong! What if we aren’t on the list and Valentines is ruined for us….

Well as we stand at the counter and explain to the lady what we are there for and who it was arranged through, the dreaded happened and we weren’t on any list and there were no tickets there for us. Thankfully she was absolutely lovely and within a few minutes we had our standing tickets and we were on our way into the show, feeling like the oldest people there.

Now I know I’m not that old but when did it become cool to wear sunglasses inside, at a show…which is dark! So many kids wearing them, rocking back and forth like they are on an episode of deadliest catch, staring at their phones like they have no clue how to use them. Each to their own when it comes to substances on a night out, but all I know is that I want to remember the amazing night I had and wake up with everything intact.

As Galantis arrived onstage kicking off with ‘Golddust’ if I remember right you could feel the chills go down your spine and you knew the night was about to go up a notch. The pyrotechnics kick in and you can feel the heat from the back of the room, huge air cannons, all the confetti a lavish wedding would expect and an infectious energy from the Swedish DJ duo kept us transfixed throughout the night. Their onstage presence was larger than life as they filled the space with massive drums that they would pound along with the beat, also running and jumping around like they’d consumed too many energy drinks before the show. They certainly know how to work a crowd.

Their set included many of their stand out tracks as well as some banging remixes, there was no dull moment or dip in intensity at all, the set just kept getting better.

The night was filled with many highlights but most of all it was a night for dancing, wide smiles and good times. Thank you Galantis for making Valentines special this year…..


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