The Crossfit Open: A Beginners Journey into the Unknown 18.3

Here we are, somehow we are on week three of the Crossfit Open 2018, I have tackled 18.1 scaled and pushed hard to Rx 18.2. It has been terrifying, exhilarating but most of all a huge learning experience, confirming  just how early into my Crossfit journey I am. What exactly did the evil Dave Castro have in store for us with 18.3? Castro has a habit of posting some of the most cryptic and down right stupid hints for the workouts, like the one below for 18.3…which actually had no link to any workout and just further proved the fact that he is quite possibly a psychopath.



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Unless I am missing something the flower in a mug has absolutely no relevance to the workout released, which for all intents and purposes seems to be programmed to include a combination of skills that a lot of CrossFitters will struggle with. Muscle ups, double under and overhead squats, all tricky movements and hard to master skills if you ask me. I chose to scale it which makes it easier but not anymore achievable for me.

The scaled workout was as follows:

After reading the scaled programme, I was full of so many emotions…I was super excited for Dumbbell Snatches but then realised that due to the fact I am so ‘big boned’ I can’t drag my solid mass up high enough to do a pull up, not a single one! This meant I wouldn’t actually make it to the snatches so I was then super down about it.

Fast forward to the actual workout, it all got worse and a full on panic ensued. I tried an overhead squat with a PVC pipe, and I couldn’t get any depth. My lack of mobility just wouldn’t let it happen, I even debated not doing the workout and trying it another day in my Reebok Legacy Lifters as it would almost guarantee my depth.

This is where the support from George came in to play, I didn’t think she could see my panic and mind talk but confirmed after that she clearly could. Her motivation and support is what keeps me pushing and working hard. Also Crossfit Huntsman coach Kel Calver who more or less gave me no choice and put me down in lane 9, so that was it…I was going for it, and it was time to go

Fuck knows how it happened but the clock started and after getting my first round of 100 singles done with no problem, I moved straight into the Overhead Squats…and it just worked, I managed to get the depth and it didn’t hurt as much as it had in the warm up. It almost felt like I just switched my hips off, dropped fast and bounced back up, I’m sure it wasn’t pretty, it most certainly wasn’t easy, but I got them done. I was buzzing from that point, smashed my next 100 singles out the way and then got to my next weakness, the dreaded pull ups and BAM! I went straight in and managed four unbroken, something I’ve never achieved in my life, I mean I’ve never done ONE so four in a row was just mind blowing. I kept pushing and finished the first 12! After more singles I finally made it to my LOVE, the dumbbell snatches…and it was smiles for reps with that one.

Especially as I looked across and could see the beautiful George smashing her workout, I was proud of both of us from that point. It got to the last round of pull ups and I gave it everything I could, emptying the tank but I just couldn’t get them all done. Finishing the workout I felt so empty and was crashing pretty hard as I had pushed so hard. Emotionally I felt on a massive high, I felt no shame from not finishing the first round, just pride and determination to work harder to smash my goals! NEXT YEAR will be the one!!!

Are you doing the Crossfit Open too? How did you get on? What movement did you struggle with the most?

Comment and let me know, I’m really interested to hear from you…


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