Where: 61 Meridian Way, Lee Valley Athletics Center, London N9 0AR

Closest Tube: Now this is the only bit that lets 3 Aces Crossfit down, how to get there. If you don’t drive it isn’t easy at all, nearest tube station is Tottenham Hale and there is no direct form of Transport to get there from the station. Lucky for me I am local so can walk it, but for anyone else it is either cycle or drive.

Website: 3acescrossfit.com

Intro Offer: Free taster session Weds 7pm

Changing Facilities: 4.5/5

Rating: 4/5

I had been wanting to get into CrossFit for a very long time, probably a year if I am honest but it felt quite intimidating knowing nothing about the sport and watching the games. Not knowing what anything meant or how to perform most of the movements. I tried to sign up to CrossFit North London but if I am totally honest their client care left a lot to be desired so gave up in the end.

I pass the site for 3 Aces CrossFit on the way to work, and after getting heavily into fitness classes and studio hopping around London thanks to ClassPass I felt like my fitness was in the right place and I had learnt the basic techniques that meant I wouldn’t feel like a clown walking through those doors.

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I enquired online and my experience with 3 Aces was the opposite of that with CF North London. They are responsive to emails and Facebook Messages when it comes to answering any questions, and the tone of the replies even feels supportive.

So, I headed down to the my first CrossFit workout, I was pumped and excited to throw heavy weights around like some sort of strong man.

But no….as I walked into the beautiful facilitythat is the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, the home of 3 Aces…. the ‘BOX’ or GYM sits in the corner of the indoor track. And as soon as you walk into such facilities the adrenaline starts to kick in, like you are rocking up to take part in a competition of some sort. There was about 8 of us in total, and as we walked into the BOX, being greeted by Mark Brockhurst coach and co-owner of 3 Aces CrossFit we are told to grab a wooden box and take a seat in a circle. We started to talk about CrossFit, what we wanted out of it, our current opinion of what CrossFit was and our experience in a workout environment, oh and the usual question of “Any injuries?” how long you got haha….

Now this is where I initially felt disappointed sitting down talking, as I was itching to go full on Thor Bjornsson in the BOX, but hearing the range of answers it gave me full faith in Mark and the team. What I hadn’t considered quite selfishly was that there were people who had never worked out in any gym let alone a CrossFit space, and if we had been let loose that injury question would have had a lot more answers than it did

Once we had a much clearer understanding of what lay ahead, what we could expect from CrossFit and indeed from 3 Aces. Mixed with some brutal honesty, “Can I have a good body if I come here but still eat junk?”, “NO! You just eat good food, you can’t eat junk and have a good body wherever you go”. It was time for a mini workout, we knocked out some Kettlebell carries, had a play on the ASSAULT BIKES. And got our SWEAT on!!

I left feeling like I hadn’t got what I came for, I came for a sweaty, intense CrossFit workout but I left with knowledge!! Which is AWESOME! And so much more than I wanted, and that eager feeling to come back as soon as possible. A great welcoming to the world of CrossFit, making the whole thing a lot less intimidating.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, a few days later I signed up for unlimited membership and absolutely love the place. Expect another post soon about how I am getting on with the world of CrossFit!






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